Take control of kidney disease

It's never been easier with Kidney Smart®.

Kidney disease education...simplified.

You'll learn from a kidney expert about everything from how the kidneys work to options for treating kidney failure.

You'll get easy-to-understand information along with real-world tools to help manage your health. Our approach is to simplify complex health topics to help you take action.

You'll get what you need to take control of your kidney health.

Kidney Smart® and the power of control

Hear from real people who have been to a Kidney Smart® class and learn how it helped them take control of their health.

Get Kidney Smart in 3 easy ways.

In Person

Kidney experts are holding live, in-person classes in neighborhoods all around the US.


Learn from a live kidney expert in a scheduled class - online and in the comfort of your home!


Explore kidney disease resources that can help you stay on track and make informed health decisions.

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What you'll learn in a Kidney Smart class

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Basics

  • How kidneys function and what happens to the body when you have CKD

  • The common causes of CKD and the different stages

  • Tools to drive conversations with your doctor and healthcare team

Ways to Take Control of CKD

  • How nutrition can impact your CKD

  • What foods and drinks are better for your kidneys

  • How other lifestyle habits can affect your kidneys

  • What kidney-friendly steps you can take in your life

Treatment Choices

  • The different ways to treat kidney failure, including kidney transplant and home treatment options

  • Different health decisions for safe and effective treatment

  • Steps you can take with your doctor to make the right treatment decisions for your life