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Two great class options to educate your patients.

Available in-person and online.

CKD Education

Comprehensive education focused on taking control of kidney health.

Home Edition

Deep-dive into peritoneal dialysis (PD) or home hemodialysis (HHD).

World-class education with award-winning design.

Check out the examples of Kidney Smart® class content below.

CKD education that improves patient outcomes1


More likely to start on a home modality3


Fewer dialysis starts with a CVC2


Fewer missed dialysis treatments4

Kidney Smart® Makes a Difference - Here's the Proof

Educating kidney patients on their CKD diagnosis makes sense. Recent research analyzing Kidney Smart has backed up this hypothesis. Read the results published by the Kidney Medicine Journal

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1. Compared with DaVita patients who have not received Kidney Smart® education. | 2. Kidney Smart® Clinical Outcomes, May 2016–2018. | 3. Compared to a similar population of DaVita patients controlled for age, race, gender and date of dialysis start. Home modality used on day 1 Kidney Smart® Clinical Outcomes, May 2016–2018. While Kidney Smart is not a growth program, Kidney Smart®-educated DaVita patients have been shown to choose PD at a higher rate than non-Kidney Smart®-educated DaVita patients. | 4. Kidney Smart® Clinical Outcomes, May 2016–2018. Missed treatment rate calculated over DaVita patients’ first 90 days on dialysis.